“We are just a medium." It is not us. It is HE who has blessed us, to be able to help others.

Free meals for front line health care workers and first responders. And those in need. We appreciate all the efforts by health care workers and first responders for our community. Thank you for your service.

Why are you doing this?

Being a part of this community and just knowing what frontline workers are doing to ensure our safety while we stay home, we wanted to find a way to support them, so we started off by using our catering truck to make deliveries to local hospitals.

After spending just over a week making deliveries of pre-packaged meals to frontline workers at Delta, Surrey Memorial and Vancouver General Hospitals, the team at Happy Singh Eats (with support from Tandoori Flame) realized that the need in our community is much greater than they realized.

We started at Delta Hospital, then to Surrey Memorial. After that the Surrey ER and Imaging Centre, VGH ER and the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre all reached out asking for the same assistance. We realized that the need stretched much greater than what we originally thought.

As a team were happy to oblige to these requests and continue to do deliveries of meals to all of these locations for the on-staff frontline workers, however we wanted to see how we could do more. This is our opportunity to give back.

From that evolved Happy Singh’s Seva Kitchen.

Happy Singh Eats isn’t open yet, where are you cooking?

We are taking over the kitchen at Tandoori Flame, just across the road from us, and working with their team to execute this initiative.

Where can we pick-up this meal?

Happy Singh’s Seva Kitchen will operate from the take-out window located at Tandoori Flame’s Delta location (11970 88 Ave, Delta, BC V4C 3C8).

How long will the program run?

We don’t know the answer to that yet. We are going to continue for as long as we can and intend to keep our patrons updated via social media.

We will also be opening up an option on our online order form for members of the community to also donate the value of a meal, which will help support in keeping this program running.

Who can get a free meal?

Any of our frontline workers can receive a free meal from our take-out window. We request that if you are in plain clothes, you provide an ID and if you are in uniform, then that’s easy.

We are also offering meals to those who simply cannot afford it right now. COVID19 is impacting our community in so many ways including lost jobs, reduced income, the inability to get groceries and more. If you are in need, we want to help.

Do you offer delivery?

Unfortunately no, at this time this is a take-out only option. We have limited delivery capacity and are reserving that for our Hospital runs.

How often can I receive a free meal?

We are limited to one meal per day per person, however you are welcome to come back every day for as long as we have the resources to run this program.

What is the meal?

It will be a predetermined meal that will change daily.
Example: naan or rice with one main.

How can I help?

As you know all restaurants are currently mandated closed to dine-in service. If you would like to support any of our initiatives, please consider:

1. Donating the value of free meals to help alleviate some of our hard costs.
To donate, please click ‘Meal Donation’ on our online takeout menu in whatever quantity you feel comfortable donating.


2. Order a take-out meal for your family.
This helps keep our business running and therefore, the Seva Kitchen.


3. Continue to follow government guidelines of social distancing to help keep us all safe.
We look forward to seeing you all back in the restaurant soon!

You can coordinate donations of other supplies by contacting our General Manager, Maninder Singh at